Benincasa’s Mother Should Put Him Over Her Knee and Spank Him

August 15, 2016- There’s an old saying that goes something like: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. But in the case of Charlie Benincasa – it’s just the opposite. The apple isn’t even in the same orchard.

You remember Charlie, don’t you? He’s the one who got off the DWI charge … and several other traffic violations earlier this year (including hitting a car in a parking lot, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving with a half empty JD bottle in the front seat) with nothing but a slap on the wrist.

Charlie is the Finance Director for the City of Rochester, and Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren’s mouthpiece at the Facilities Modernization Board. Charlie’s mother is MaryAnn Benincasa, former New York State Assistant Commissioner of Labor for Rochester and local legend in the Labor Community.

She was a tireless fighter for workers rights.

Her son Charlie is on his way to becoming a legend as well – for his betrayal of working families.

Last week, Charlie led the fight to cast out the Project Labor Agreement for the Rochester City School District’s second phase of Facilities Modernization. His move will endanger the jobs of hundreds of construction workers in the community.

And, in his arguments, he threw out so many half truths, twisted statistics and outright lies about the first PLA, that you have to begin to wonder if he should be doing anything with numbers at all let alone be in charge of the City’s finances.

Communities across the state are on their third, fourth or final stages of the billions of dollars that go into fixing schools under this program. All of them guaranteed local labor with the use of PLA’s.

Not Rochester. Charlie – and whoever is giving him marching orders, knows what’s better for working families.

His actions made him a pariah in the kitchens and living rooms of those working families across the community.

And, when construction unemployment soars – when mortgages fall behind – when car payments are missed, people in this community who depend on the construction industry for their livelihood will have just one person to thank – Charlie Benincasa.

I’m sure his Mother is truly proud of him. She should put him across her knee and spank him.

By the way, it wasn’t enough to vote against it … Benincasa trashed unions … apparently casting aside the years of commitment his Mother had made to them. And, two days later, Benincasa led the vote to throw out Tom Richards as President of the Board and replace him with Alan Williams.

Richards has more experience in finance, organization, the law and construction in his little finger than Williams has in his whole brain. But then again – it was Richards who Charlie’s boss beat in the Mayoral election.

The community can rest assured that politics played absolutely no part in it.

--- end ---

Photo of Benincasea after his mother put him over her lap and spanked him.