Rochester, NY July 10th, 2016- On July 9th, the arrogance of City Hall reached a new low. At a time when community members of all walks of life (races, religions, ethnicities and colors) were banding together to protest the treatments and killing of black men nationally and in Rochester, leadership from City Hall was no where to be found. 

While protesters flooded the streets of the East End, clamoring to be heard, Mayor Lovely Warren ignored their cries and instead decided to stay at the Blues & BBQ event taking place at Rhinos Stadium. 

Due to this and the mere fact that the Police Chief is not allowed to speak publicly by himself, no leaders could be found to address the growing crowds of protesters. 

It was not until 3:00am in the morning, after 76 arrests (two of them black journalists from Channel 13),  till the City of Rochester finally spoke publicly.

Shame on the City of Rochester. It is clear. City Hall is a captain-less vessel. 

We need City Hall to stop running on Lovely time. 

~North Coast News