Local Democratic Machine Comes Up Short in Tuesdays Primary

Rochester, NY April 22, 2016- It was no surprise to anyone that Hillary Clinton won New York’s Primary on Tuesday.

But what was surprising – and disturbing to some – is that the local Democratic Party machine – clearly backing Hillary and under the direction of local Clinton Campaign Director, Tad Mack, barely squeaked by Bernie Sanders.

Mack – a long time party hack -- was responsible for the Clinton GOTV effort, and narrowly beat the grassroots amateurs who were working on the Sanders campaign.

Commissioners for the Monroe County Board of Elections estimated turnout would be over 60,000 voters. Barely 50,000 votes were cast.

Mack apparently was unable to get out the vote for the former senator who has spent countless hours in Rochester.

Why does this matter?

Democrats are going to need to be able to get out the vote big time in November when County Clerk Adam Bello has to actually run for his office. He was appointed by Governor Cuomo to fill the vacancy left by former Clerk Cheryl Dinolfo’s election as County Executive.

While Clinton won handily throughout the state, she won locally by just a couple of thousand votes. Insiders at the “celebration” on Tuesday night questioned what this means for newly appointed County Clerk Adam Bello who has close ties to long time political operative Mack.

As one Clinton supporter said, “If the Democratic turnout for Bello is as bad in November as it was for Clinton in April, the new County Clerk may be serving the shortest term ever.”

~ Sidney Reilly is a freelance writer who lives in Rochester. You can contact Mr. Reilly at sidneyreilly1917@gmail.com 


Tad Mack calling himself on election night.