Judge Astacio, ARRESTED

Rochester, NY February 13, 2016- We ain’t all saints, we ain’t all sinners.

A not so subtle reminder that we are not all perfect and on the other hand we also are not all that bad.

This mornings accident and DWI charge of Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio is a stark reminder of both.

Astacio, a political newcomer, was the feel good story of the year back in 2014 when she (an African-American/Puerto Rican American) won a surprising, hard fought and impressive three way battle for the judicial seat she currently holds.

The honeymoon for Astacio ended fairly soon however. A few months into her 10 year term, whispers began to escape the walls of the Halls of Justice about an ego driven freshman judge refusing to work full weeks because the job of a City Court Judge, in her humble opinion, was part-time. This was further exacerbated back in November 2015 when Astacio, due to her neglect of her caseload, was removed from the bench.

What complicates this latest error in judgement? Sources inside the Halls of Justice have stated that Astacio has been angling to run for County Court Judge stating that “it was her turn,” and that the seat was hers.

Crazy claims, but hey, maybe it was just the tequila talking.

~Juan Garcia is a freelance blogger who lives in Rochester. You can contact him at juangarciaroc@gmail.com

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