Why Should We Compromise On Integrity?

Rochester, NY- February 11, 2016-  Compromised integrity? Really? That is my initial reaction to the recent news regarding Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo’s proposed Office of Public Integrity.

It seems that after twelve years of Teflon don Maggie Brooks and the mafia like Republican Legislature, the Democrats are suffering from Stockholm syndrome where they loyal to their abuser.

News flash Legislature Democrats, integrity should not be comprised!

So let’s applaud Cheryl Dinolfo for showing signs that she may not be as corrupt as her predecessor, but let us not be fooled, the verdict is still out.

Dinolfo either opens a fully transparent Office of Public Integrity that follows the full standards of the Inspector General’s Association or admit that she is opening just another political office that will be beholden to her and paying another group of loyalists with our tax dollars.

Different leader? Same spots to me.

~Juan Garcia is a freelance blogger who lives in Rochester. You can contact him at juangarciaroc@gmail.com

News on the Office of Public Integrity: