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The Greater Rochester Region is a fluid and changing community that includes many bright spots in the arts, cultural and political arenas. The key to keeping our community vibrant rests in our ability to identify these bright spots as well as challenge the not so bright spots through research, dialogue and raising hard hitting questions that challenge the status-quo. 

This is where the North Coast comes in. 

The past few years we have lost our zeal and ability to challenge and question the status-quo. Individuals in our community have used fear and doubt to squelch authentic thought and marginalize those who question. It is this ability to question that has allowed our community to become great. We must do what we can to reclaim this independence in thought and critical analysis. The North Coast strives to begin this charge.

We may not be perfect, we may not always be right, but we will always be fearless in our endless pursuit to uncover corruption and restore the public trust. 

We are the North Coast


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